Friday, 1 March 2013

Building simple, usable interfaces, architectures and products

I've recently finished reading a fantastic book: Simple and Usable. It's best read as a physical book, due to the stylish, magazine layout of text and full-page pictures. It's easy to read, but thought provoking. Concrete steps describe how to improve a user interface. These steps are easy to understand, but will no doubt require discipline to apply correctly.

Although each page offers a tasty morsel to digest, one page (76), entitled Solutions, not processes, jumped out at me. It asked the question: is there another way to solve this problem? I had recently read the very same words, in this architecture check-list, and they were then echoed again by Michael Dubakov's insightful article on Product Owners as a SPOF.

So often we rush to produce a solution, without considering the alternatives. Our team is currently trying to scale out and speed up in a big way, so we're focussing hard on optimising cycle-time. Despite the diversity of these articles, they all provide a clear reminder to not rush the creative process that leads to the best solutions. Don't rush it, but still optimise it - that's the challenge.

If you're a skilled User Interface Specialist that would like to be part of this challenge, please get in touch - we'd love you to join our team!

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David Lumm said...

I'll have to add that book to my wishlist, sounds like a good one. I've always been a little interested in UX, but meeting you definitely fuelled that interest!

It sounds like you're doing some really interesting things at the moment!