Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Redundancy, L=V+E and being a great leader

I pleased to read in Clusters words that I often say to others. When describing my aim at work, I often state that I strive to make myself redundant, so that:
  1. The team grow to be able to do all that I do, but without me.
  2. I can focus on higher-level goals.
p.159 of Clusters states that "the intention of a good leader ought to be to do themselves out of a job and to do this they need to be aware of the seasons of leadership that God takes them through"

It then goes on to list these seasons/steps (as modelled by a great leader 2000 years ago):
  1. State a clear vision.
  2. Adopt a "I do, you watch" approach ...
  3. Followed by "I do, you help" ...
  4. Followed by "You do, I help" ...
  5. Followed by "You do, I watch".
The final point I noted on leadership was from p.178, where the useful formula was stated of:

Leadership = Vision + Empowerment

A useful exercise is to consider what a team would feel like to be in if either Vision or Empowerment is Low or High, e.g.
  1. Low vision + low empowerment = dead
  2. High vision + low empowerment = burnt-out
  3. Low vision + high empowerment = cosy
  4. High vision + high empowerment = dynamic

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