Sunday, 18 May 2008

You know you're in Africa when ... (Kotido, Kachiri, Kaabong)

We've been in Kachiri Monday - Friday, Kaabong this Saturday and Sunday and Kotido in-between.

I hope the following gives a taste of what we've seen and done....

You know you're in Africa when ...

10:30 am actually means 12pm, or maybe 1 or 2 pm.

It rains for less than an hour and everywhere is flooded. But the people are over-joyed.
... and more rain

The local church is just a tin roof.
Kacheri church

You have four armed police men guarding you at night.
Four policeman with AK47's was assigned to guard us at night for the week

Almost one-hundred people meet under a tree, and will listen to three locals and three Muzungu's talk about God.
one of the many learning trees we visited

Only English men use umbrella's when it rains.
Peter is a real Englishman ... he didn't forget his umbrella

Children have swollen bellies because there is no food.
the signs of famine

Young and old have eye problems that are a minor operation in the West. Yet when they look at you, you also see their love and gratitude for meeting you.
we prayed for many people

You borrow a local's bike, only to discover it has no brakes.
There goes Lyndsay

Your vehicle gets stuck in a dry river bed, and you and half a village dig, push and pull it out.
We needed some help to get out of a ditch

People who have nothing give you their fatest goat and chicken as a leaving gift. Some passengers (me) seem to worry about travelling with them though!
our gift catching a lift home

Planting a hedge is blister-making, back-breaking work (if you're a Muzungu, that is).
Planting the hedge

Going to the toilet (long-drop) at night may mean being shot (by a sleepy policeman, or whoever they're guarding us from).
our toilet

A game of hop-scotch attracts half the village.
hopscotch on the streets of Kacheri

People play football barefoot, despite inch-long thorns.
playing with the gifts we brought

A three-hour church service is short. It (plus free lunch) attracts 720 people and ends with 102 people becoming Christians.


SueF said...

Wonderful photos - thanks for the update - and the insight into your life over the past weeks - we await your return !

Dominic said...

Fantastic to see the photos. I'll keep looking back to see how you are doing. I hope it continues to be as rewarding as it appears.

Anonymous said...

I am a little upset by your ignorance, I am an Aussie who flew planes there and it seems like you judge everything off middle america. Open your mind more and embrace it! Oh and flies spread disease, so keep yours closed ;). Love an Aussie who has been here for too long!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyndsay

I see you stayed in our house at Kaceri in 2008. I unsuccessfully tried to make contact with you some years ago when I first stumbled across your blog. I would very much like to get copies of your Kaceri pics as we have somehow lost all our old ones. My email is

Best regards