Monday, 30 April 2007

QCon 2007 - What I learnt about process - Part 2

Going through my notes I discovered this useful map of an agile life-cycle. I think it came from Rachel Davies's session on user stories.

Agile project life-cycle

As text it reads:

Bird's eye view of life cycle


  • business domain
  • technology
  • process
  • scope
Keep as short as possible (< 2 weeks)

Release planning - create roadmap of releases
  • May not happen until some initial iterations
  • Flesh out plan as you progress
  • Deliver high risk / high value items early
  • Set concrete release dates but vary features
Production - aim is to arrive here ASAP

Planning phases

Customer needs
Implementation considerations
Implementation tasks
Estimated task list
Customer reviews effort vs. necessity

UI Design is often done an iteration ahead,
to help users & team understand what is required

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